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Dear visitors,

I am pleased to introduce you to the steps of my professional career.

My father was a jeweler trading especially antique jewels. As a trainer, he was the most important person in my working life, in the 90s. At that time, he made me discover and love the attractive environment of the auction rooms.

It still reminds me the great emotions I felt when I was raising the bidding: my heart was racing, and my cheeks were blushing… Today, I feel at ease, of course, but feelings remain exciting!

In order to improve my knowledge, I came to Paris to study gemology. There, I joined evening classes at the “Institut National de Gemmologie” (ING) in 1994 and I passed my 2nd cycle degree in gemology certificate.

In 1995, I was suggested travelling to Thailand with a gem dealer, in order to explore the gemstones trading markets. This wonderful trip confirmed my attraction for Southeast Asia and my passion for stones. From then onwards, I try to travel there, as soon as I can go.

In 1997, in order to know all the facets of gemstones business, I followed a lapidary training (colored stones cutting). Then I got the chance to purchase a 19th century workbench on which I cut and reworked gems for traders and jewelers. Today, I have put it up in my shop.

In 1998, eager to keep on exploring gemstones markets, I travelled to Sri Lanka. An unforgettable experience by both the beauty of this country and sapphire purchases...since, as an absolute beginner in this trading environment I had been faced with exorbitant prices, I can imagine that every novice gemologist may have overcome this unavoidable hardship!

During all these years, my experience and self-confidence acquired in valuation and trading of antique jewels allowed me to become a fully autonomous buyer for my father.

Then I decided to go it on my own. In 1999, my relationships in the auction world allowed me to enter Master Boisgirard’s office, an auctioneer in Paris.

This experience made me discover another interesting side of auctions, but I realized that I was going off my work as a gemologist. Therefore, I decided to leave the office. Thus, in July 2000, I started to work in “Haute Joaillerie”, where I was in charge of the stones department, at Alexandre Reza company, place Vendôme.

I still hungered for knowledge and experience and choose to leave the “luxury world” in 2004 so as to attend the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) from which I graduated in diamonds degree courses.

After careful consideration, regarding my sound experience, my network of contacts, I considered that my abilities and my love for gems and antique jewels could be put to good use.

So I opened, in December 2006, my antique jewelry.

After 10 years spent passage du grand cerf, including six years of marathons between my shop and my son, I left this place in December 2016 to preserve my family life and my health.

The new concept « apartment store » is so perfect for me ! Thanks to it, I can continue my job while taking care of my son. So now I see you friendly in my lounge.

I would be delighted to welcome you in and I invite you to consult regularly my electronic catalog which will gradually densify and diversify according to my acquisitions and sales.

Feel free to contact me. It would be a pleasure for me to answer every question, as finicky as it might be!

I am looking forward to seeing you again.